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To Grow out in life, Education is the only way out. One who opts for the right way at the right time is able to make it to success. Specially those children whose parents are well educated, are fortunate enough to be guided in the right direction and be offered with the best of the options but then what about those who belong to the Economically Weaker Section and  whose parents are themselves not much educated or are absolutely illiterate, who would guide their children or who would help them make the right option for their career? Even the schools where the children from these Economically Weaker Section study do not have much Motivated or Dedicated Teachers, in the absence of all, who would take up the responsibility to let these children make through a good life and rise beyond their present destitute conditions.


In all such hopeless circumstances, a ray of hope comes from “The Transformers Value Creators”, a Panchkula based training organization imparting Life Skills and Character Education. This organization as a part of its social responsibility has taken up this initiative in shaping future for these less privileged children.


The special efforts put in by The Transformers Team, have been inspired by the personal willingness and involvement of its CEO, Manjula. As per Manjula, “The Tranformers Value Creators” is a need realized venture with the Prime Objective, to bring about a Change for Happier, Healthier & Winning Lives in form of Practical Oriented training sessions & workshops. Manjula herself is committed to develop people from within, beyond Skills and Facilitate Learning and fill the gaps which students and professionals generally miss out in their academic curriculum and routine jobs respectively.


Time and again The Transformers Value Creators have been Counseling students from the Economically Weaker Section, on the aspects of Education, Career, Life and to be a Good Human and a Responsible Citizen of our Country.


As per Manjula, if every citizen of India joins in this mission to uplift these unprivileged children, then very soon India would be amongst the Most Developed Nations of the World.



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