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In the recent past we have been privileged to conduct a workshop for the NCC Cadets at the NCC Headquarters in sector 31. This hald day workshop was a part of NCC camp going on at the Air Force Station in Chandigarh which had cadets from both Junior and Senior Wing.

The prime purpose of our workshop was to instil and provoke those important values much desired and really crucial for a NCC cadet to pursue his NCC trainings effectively along with assurance of retention and fulfillment of roles and responsibilities of a true cadet. 

We initiated our workshop with the involvement of the cadets in various daring activities so as to make then realize and promote within them the attributes desired to be a promising NCC cadet and practice it with all sincerity and dedication in all facets of life

The cadets were also shown clippings from some movies like Lakshaya and Chak de India along with some other inspirational audio visuals, to encourage them for a progressive future with defence services along with more commitment and devotion towards one’s nation.

Some other exciting outdoor games and simulative exercises were done with the cadets to promote experiential learning and instil stronger sensitivity within them to be more self responsible, self disciplined and ways to behave and operate as more responsible citizen of India.


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