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‘Creativity in Teaching’ all together seems to a very creative or an innovative concept, but it’s surely is one of the most crucial and essential aspect of the present day paradigm in education. I, myself through the past 4 years have conducted more than 100’s of sessions for 1000’s of teachers, principals, academicians and senior educationists to instill this concept.

This creative approach to teaching is primarily focused upon the need of individual learners and their respective learning needs. For it has been psychologically proven that each individual has its own way of seeking, perceiving and imbibing information which further leads to new learning; which can better be explained and understood by the concept ofMULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE.

As it is, in today’s modern world, the information is unlimited but what is required is to transmit that knowledge in a regulated, organized and most importantly, a creative way to seek maximum focus and attention of the students.

To instill this maximum willingness for learning or love for knowledge, the best way is to enrich one’s natural intelligence to the highest level of creative intelligence. While to invoke maximum creative intelligence, it is very essential to work upon the 3 H’s, the Heart, the Head and the Hands and in same sequence as well.

For which it is very important to progress from a traditional classroom to a dynamic classroom, beyond the scope of benches and chairs enclosed within 4 walls and locked up within doors and windows.  The need is to create an awesome learning environment, which invokes the mood and willingness to learn…. rather than a too sophisticated and much equipped but a monotonous classroom.

To ensure dynamism, more SHAPE needs to be added to the classroom…. SHAPE which is an abbreviation and represents…. S for Stories, H for Humor, A for Activities, P for Presentation Style and E for Examples. To unleash the practical essence of this SHAPE concept, the participants are assigned this task of designing various educational games, stimulative exercises, creative models and further present them in different expressive ways so as to instill maximum interest in the subject and the related topic.

The participants are also emphasized upon the fact that the students of today are much more creative and practice their innovation in form of JUGAAD.  Under such circumstances, the energy and thought process of the students needs to directed in the right direction and channelized in an effective way by guiding them beyond the role of a teacher and more as a mentor or GURU who actually not only shares the knowledge but also transmits the values, principles and sankaras to the students.

Eventually, the students or learners have to be rooted to the real purpose of education, which is to find the answers to maximum ‘WHY’s in Life’ for which the prime learning need of learners is ‘learning by doing’ or maximum EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING needs to be instilled in the main stream academics.




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