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In one of our recent workshop held at the Officers Training Academy in Gwalior in which the team “The Transformers Value Creators” had facilitated a 2 days PDLS (Personality Development and Life Skills) capsule for the NCC Officers as a part of their refresher course.

This 2 days workshop included a group of 118 NCC officers in the average age group of 43 years and with an experience ranging from 10 to 25 years. Hence it was all together a very senior group of some of the most seasoned professionals.

Accordingly the PDLS workshop was planned in a way to add more value to the rich experience and technical expertise of these senior NCC Officers.

Day 1 was primarily all about self introspection along with self realization about one’s potential, strengths and areas of improvement as a woman, as a NCC Officer and then being the ambassador of NCC.

Through number of interactive sessions, brainstorming, group discussions and many other simulative exercises and fun games some very crucial aspects and essential thoughts were provoked and promoted inclusive of :

  • Role of women in all spheres of life.
  • Sensitization on importance of Indian women and their significant contributions.
  •  Sensitization on the crucial aspect of the need for the girls to be educated.
  •   Involve the participants in some daring acts so as to help them reflect deeper in their lives from being a girl to growing up as a woman.

  • Boost the morale of the ANO’s by making them believe that can do everything and  excel in any sphere.
  • Self reflections and self introspection to understand their strengths as an ANO.
  • Sensitize the ANO’s with their responsibilities along with mutual understanding of  other’s point of view.
  • Work on the ways for how to promote and instil the real essence of NCC.
  • Practical ways to work in the direction of promoting NCC principles and work as per the guidelines.
  • Have a deeper understanding of the essentials of being more planned, organized, proactive and well managed.

Day 2 was more about the connect between the NCC Officers and their cadets so as to facilitate them working together in harmony for the nations ‘progress.

In the same direction, through some more of experiential learning and outdoor sessions, sense of responsibility was instilled deeper amongst the NCC officers towards their cadets, respective educational institute, relevant army unit and all together towards the nation, based upon the following objectives:

  • Sensitization of the gap existing in one’s personality or way of dealing with people and situations due to lack of emotional intelligence.
  • Why emotionally intelligent people are always preferred over others and highlight the very aspect of “conduct is more important than capability”

  • Practical ways of instilling socio emotional learning amongst the ANO’s and further within their cadets.
  • Through different fun exercises help individuals work on the essential skills of self awareness, self management, decision making skills, relationship skills and social awareness.
  • Sensitization of the need and the ways to promote the spirit of Nationalism amongst the youth and ways of working for the progress and development of the nation.

Finally the 2 days of the PDLS capsule concluded with some of the most enticing and captivating performances by the very versatile and multitalented NCC Officers in forms of poetry, songs, role plays and even dance performances to present their 2 days of learning in more creative and impressive ways. All together it was a great learning and absolutely enriching experience for all the NCC Officers and their facilitators which could be felt and realized stronger in the enthusiasm and wholehearted participation of all the very experienced and most competent Officers.



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