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A recent workshop on the theme to Enhance Personality through Character Building was conducted for the Upcoming Associate NCC Officers at the Officers Training Academy in Gwalior.

This workshop, was designed in a way to instil maximum sensitivity, invoke new ideas, arouse deep seated emotions and reinforce ethical values to be induced deeper into one’s character and further outshine in one’s personality.

Hence the main modus operandi for this workshop was based upon various experiential learnings instilled through various simulative exercises, brainstorming sessions, daring acts, fun games and various thought provoking and stimulating videos.

To make it happen and to involve these upcoming ANO’s in various fun games and simulative exercises, the very beautiful, conducive and unrestricted environment available within the NCC Officers Training Academy, Gwalior had a crucial part to contribute.

The charismatic aura and magnanimous infrastructure available within the training academy, create that perfect enabling environment to make such informal and unconventional workshops shape up in the most effective way and instil maximum learning along with deeper understanding.

Apart from the above, the other officers and the support staff, are really very cooperative and gave us all the freedom to operate and facilitate in our own way. There were absolutely no restrictions on us, infact we were all the more privileged to seek the best of the hospitality and all sort of extended support in terms of training aids, audio visual aids, digital support, infrastructure, open space for outdoor exercises and refreshments.

We are personally really impressed with the courtesy and enduring hospitality extended to us within the workshop and beyond, right from we being escorted from the railway station to being dropped back, everybody and everything so well organized, well managed and most importantly so much in discipline.

Talking about the participants of our workshop, who are the upcoming ANO’S from all over the country and have been part of this training program being conducted at NCC Officers Training Academy, were quite interactive and very participative.

It was actually a big group of 109 participants, but then due to their most disciplined and organized ways to responding and operating to the various tasks and exercises in which they were involved wholeheartedly, made it really simple for us to go together hand in hand and make it a fruitful learning experience for them and as well as for us.

All credits once again goes to the very intellectual and dedicated inhouse instructors and trainers from the academy, who have been working with all that devotion to instil confidence within the participants through sharing of expert knowledge, inducing clarity of thought, provoking expression of speech and most importantly willingness to learn, know more and participate wholeheartedly.

All in all it was an absolute memorable experience for us as well, with some really prestigious moments of being honored by the commandant and other senior officers, along with sharing of exciting moments of expression, discussion and enthusiastic participation, along with some great learning from the very knowledgeable and skilled instructors and trainers at the NCC Officers Training Academy.


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