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The session started with an activity where students had to think about their present objectives of life. It was followed by the positive message of sharing happiness and how positivity helps us during all walks of life. They were narrated a story about  Solomon islands to emphasize on the fact that the world is full of people who want to pull you  down but it is you who has to channelize the energy of your thoughts and actions that matter in life.


The students were then asked to do a personal SWOT analysis to understand their own self and how they need to change their own personalities to become more focused and how they must learn to strive through all life situations. For this, an interesting shoe activity was conducted for them to understand how situations will not be always favourable. They realized that whatever may be the circumstances; a determination to try new things and moving ahead with a strong willpower will lead them to new learning and help gain valuable experience.  Also, a lively interaction showed them how difficulties and challenges are present in lives of all, but those who learn to sail through them are the ones who succeed.


Seeing the innumerable opportunities available today, the students were inspired to take up their areas of interests dedicatedly and work hard towards their goals. They were explained the importance of focus through a candle activity. The motive to grasp here was that focus towards set objectives and passion for our work must be worked upon from time to time. We should keep trying to perform to the best of our ability and also keep honing our skills.


Next, a video was played to make them aware how we ourselves have to be the change; that when a problem arises, it is you who will have to face it. So always focus on the solution. No matter how strong the magnitude of the problem may be, it will definitely have a solution which you are capable of finding.


Teamwork was the theme of the next thrilling RUBBER AND STRAW activity. It was to emphasize how situations may seem difficult but once we are ready to work on it, nothing is impossible.  When you decide to move ahead, even the little steps will matter. Always have confidence in yourself and faith in your dreams.


The next part of the session was to highlight the significance of recognizing and appreciating our qualities and strengths. Thus, they were recommended to work on projects which would help them further to use their qualities to make use of more opportunities. Also the belief that we are capable of doing much more helps us achieve new and greater heights .if certain problems arise in life, believe that you are the best person to solve this and it will prove to be a fruitful experience.


The session concluded with a video underlining the impact of focus on our goals and how we and only we have the power to create and live our dreams. And this needs determination and hard work. Always have a positive outlook and keep working to move ahead because winners never quit.




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