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In India, there exists a system of ‘tuition classes’ parallel to the formal system of school education to supplement academic support.

Reasons for the burgeoning of tuition centers are:-

* Cut-throat competition born out of parental ambitions to see children in fields as medicine, engineering, civil services, management and accountancy.

* Slow-learners or academically-weak students or those without motivation find no support in packed classrooms and teachers face the Damocles’ sword of “completing portions” hanging above their head.

* Brilliant students need further enhancement at specialized levels.

* The lengthy curriculum, existing communication gap between teachers and students, tuitions seen as a status symbol or even preference of some subjects over others.

Nonetheless, it is not permissible to negate the importance of School Education which lies in the fact that the children of today will become adult citizens & productive members of society tomorrow. School is the training ground for all virtues & guides children to the right path.

The chief objective of the authority is to stimulate interest and curiosity in the students. Moreover, Education should prepare young people for life, work & citizenship.

But, it is also required to examine the effects of overburdening the students with tedious pressure of school, tuitions and peers. Along with this, even the school management is stressed and facing problem of creating interest in students.

Resulting in children becoming disillusioned with school and lose motivation as they have to also give attention in tuition classes. We also have to consider the situation of parents who are overburdened by paying fee at school & tuitions as well.

So, amongst all the stakeholders for students- school management, tuitions & parents. Who is at the winning edge?


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