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In the dynamic professional world and highly competitive times of today there is a dire need to develop and inculcate Positive ‘Life Skills’. “The Transformers Value Creators”, is a live example of a successful Knowledge Enterprise, having Trained and Counseled more than 30000 individuals since the time of its inception in August, 2013. The Mission Transformation is progressing as a mutual association of well-qualified, well-versed and highly-skilled industry-experienced individuals contributing in developing most desirable life skills based upon scientific methods of experiential learning.


With prime emphasis on creation and completion of ‘Value Circle’ of life, practical-oriented training and workshops are conducted for all target age groups and all segments of the society so as to promote and develop:

(i)     Ethics & Values
(ii)     Positive Attitude and Mannerism

(iii)    Enhance Creativity
(iv)    Promote Professionalism

(v)     Develop Personalities
(vi)    Facilitate Individual Counseling and Mentoring

(vii)   Facilitate in Realization and Accomplishment of Organizational/Individual Goals

(viii)  Enhance Productivity

(ix)    Positive Human Relations laid on the Foundation of Strong Values and Ethics.

(x)     A Change for Better, Happier, Healthier and Winning Lives.


Moving ahead with this in this direction of inculcating Human Values, Spreading Awareness & Transforming Lives, “The Transformers” have been time to time taking up special projects.

1 ) One of the Major Project has been “Spreading the Awareness Against Child Abuse”with the prime objectives to promote :

  1. a)  Maximum Children Safety by creating awareness against Child Abuse
  2.  b)  Respect and Recognition for both the Genders
  3.       c)  Difference between a Good Touch and Bad Touch
  4.           d)  Necessary preventive measures to avoid child abuse

As a part of this awareness drive, The Transformers have conducted such sessions in more than 100 schools in the states/UT of Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal & Delhi. Such awareness is being imparted on a vast level to 1000’s of individuals’ right from preschool children to secondary school students, teachers and parents as well, with the help of various animated videos, real life stories, practical exercises and presentations.



2 ) In yet another social initiative of The Transformers, they have been continuously working for the “Upliftment of Women particularly from Urban Slums and other underprivileged segments of the society”.

In association with various NGO’s involved in developing different vocational skills amongst women, “The Transformers” has also been contributing in the enhancement of these women in terms of their self confidence, self esteem, communication along with various other Entrepreneurial skills of Money Management, Convincing Power, Negotiation Skills, Presentation Skills, etc. “The Transformers” has also facilitated many women in establishing their own income generating ventures by seeking financial support through various Nationalised Bank.


3)  “Shaping Future & Lives of the Less Privileged” is another project of The Transformers, where we have been counseling students from the Economically Weaker Section, on the aspects of Education, Career & Life. The students are not only guided with various educational and skilling programs but also made aware about various financial assistance available in terms of different scholarships, stipends, educational loans, concessions etc which proves to be a boon to those meritorious students who are not able to continue with their studies due to various financial constraints.


4)  पढ़ो और पढ़ाओजीवन उज्जवल बनाओ” is another major project wherein “The Transformers” have been contributing to promote willingness for education and reduce drop outs amongst children from the slums.  Such workshops are designed as per the level of the children and promote maximum involvement through different games, activities, brain teasers, real life case studies, inspirational videos, in order to promote maximum interaction, participation and have a deep and long lasting impact.


5) “The Transformers” have also been doing various awareness sessions and training programs to promote “Self Defense against Crime” for all age groups and both the genders with the main objectives to:


  • Acquaint and Sensitize with the various types of crime prevalent in our society.
  • Create Awareness for how to Protect and Defend oneself from crime and simultaneously be a support to the others in problem.
  • Create Awareness regarding the various Law for Defense.
  • Inculcate strength and spirit to fight the wrong and contribute towards eradication of crime or injustice.
  •  Create a more Sensitive, Vigilant & Assertive Society.


6) “Celebration of National Days & Festivals with the Less Privileged” is one major inspiration for The Transformers to reflect goodness and share happiness with surely the less fortunate ones. These celebrations are on, almost throughout the year inclusive of National Days like Independence Day, Republic Day and other festivals of importance like Diwali, Christmas, Parents Day, Women’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc. The Real Joy and Spirit of each Special Day is made to feel more intensely and experience it strongly in form of songs, videos, games, activities and lots of discussion.


The Transformers Value Creators is continuously working in the direction of making an effective contribution towards the upliftment of individuals and betterment of the society, where the costs of all these social initiatives are managed from its own profits and without seeking any sort of financial aid in form of donations or any other funding from any other private agency or any Government body.




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