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To empower the Youth of Today, a 5 days residential workshop was arranged so as to promote and develop Life Skills amongst the Youth.


In these 5 days of absolute activity based and practical oriented workshop, maximum emphasis was given on Experiential Learning.


Efforts were made to make the youth feel more passionate for a happy & satisfying life with the objective to help them look beyond their inhibitions & provide them with various challenging tasks to express their hidden talent.


Special emphasis was given on the following aspects:

1) Sense of willingness to learn

2)  Curiosity to know more

3) Sharing of knowledge for all round growth

4) Spirit of competition with one self

5) Seriousness towards one’s goal in life



Facilitated the youth to have a clear vision of life with well defined objectives & SMART Goals


Emphasized on the aspect that Positive Thinking leads to :-

1)Positivism, 2)Motivation, 3)Confidence, 4) Positive Attitude


Special techniques and methods were worked upon to promote effective Time Management so as to develop:

  1. Working within deadlines & overcome the process of Procrastination
  2. Promote wellness & help to cope up with pressures in life


Learning in groups was emphasized so as to promote Brainstorming & Develop Social Skills


Interactive and participative sessions were organized to promote:

  1. Positive Body Language, Good Interpersonal skills & abide by the Behavioral Etiquette & Good Manners.
  2. Acceptable & non acceptable forms of Dressing up & Grooming.



To overcome the Inter-generational conflicts and bridge the gap b/w different generations an exclusive session was taken up so as to by make them understand:

  1. Bifurcation of different generations                                                          2. Role & Specialty of each generation



Further through simulation exercises and various role plays, sensitivity was developed towards all age groups so as to further help in creating a more balanced and conducive society.


So as to develop & promote mutual respect & sensitivity towards both the genders the youth were apprised with various facts so as to develop respect for individual differences and further help in attaining Gender Equality



The participants were also involved in various outdoor team building games so as to promote healthy competition & encourage team spirit.

They were also clarified upon the qualities of a Good Team Leader.


Better understanding of different leadership styles & their significance

Essentials of a Good leader & Positive Leadership.



To develop & promote Emotionally Intelligent & Smart Youth awareness was also created on the importance of EQ as compared to IQ. In continuation to the same the youth were also acquainted with various conflicting situations & further facilitated to overcome and manage anger.


Finally up-keeping the Spirit of Wellness the Youth were given various Stress management tips.



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