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Agriculture is undoubtedly the most important source of livelihood and survival in our country, India. It not only ensures our survival but has been contributing to our economy since independence. But today, as climates, population& technology changes, and the farmer of India faces grave issues. His livelihood is in danger and so is the country’s food supply.


Hence, the most innovative and effective way to boost the agricultural economy is the concept of Entrepreneurship in farming. The Transformers Value Creators, a Nationally Renowned Life Skills Training Venture, is focused upon developing of entrepreneurial skills among farmers.


In one of the recent sessions conducted for the directors of Farmer Producing Companies, on entrepreneurship management as anefficient solution for farming problems. The main idea was to brief them about the skills involved in such an initiate and how they can collaborate their risk taking and problem solving skills with the farming initiative.


It was emphasised upon that being independent and self-reliant has become crucial in every sector and the scope of their thinking as a farmer has to be expanded in order to make their agricultural business more competitive and world- class.


The next part was to focus on the problems the farmers could encounter when moving in this new direction. And surely, education was the way to solve many of them. It was elaborated that new and improved courses related to agricultural knowledge should be added in regional curriculums for students. This would help them become aware of the upcoming scope in this industry and how their technical knowledge can bring about revolutionary changes.


The next issue was to make them understand that for Smart working they should not just rely on government initiates but will have to work harder themselves as well. Until they start using technology from their own hands, they will not be able to utilize it fully in their farms. Thus, they will have to become familiar with the usage of new techniques to use them in complete capacity.


To have active participation, the farmers were invited for role-plays and activities provoking brain storming and generation of ideas. The point of focus here was to make them more supportive to each other and become leaders with a vision.

The session concluded by motivating them to have a economical & technical approach for their agricultural products so that their hard work doesn’t go waste and they become self-reliant and more productive.



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