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The workshop was conducted by the Nehra Yuva Kendra Sangathan, Pinjore at the Gram Sachivalya, Bhoria Village, District Pinjore with the main objective to develop life skills amongst the rural youth with participants from 10 different villages across Pinjore and Kalka.



This workshop was further facilitated by The Transformers Value Creators, a nationally renowned life skills training and knowledge enterprise. The Transformers have been associated with the NYKS since last 2 years, wherein a number of workshops and training sessions have been organized in the past as well for their Zonal Directors, DYC’s, NYV’ s and Rural Youth.



The first day of this one week workshop on Life Skills, primarily emphasized upon instilling confidence amongst the youth by promoting self awareness and self motivation in which more focus was laid upon understanding one’s own strengths and talents and boosting their morale to become more expressive and confident to share and discuss. This all was induced amongst the participants through different daring activities to unleash their hidden or real potential and sensitizing videos to facilitate students find their objective or goal and collaborate it with their strengths.



The second day was all about understanding one’s own emotions, with emphasis upon valuing and managing emotions. On this day, participants were made to understand and realize their different emotions and related stimuli or response to each emotion. They were also enabled with the skill of prioritizing and making choices crucial for their age and stage of life.  Participants were also sensitized with the need to respect and value one’s own emotion along with other’s emotions.



Third day was all about anger management, where students were instilled with the sensitivity of the ill effects or the irreparable or permanent damages caused due to excess anger. Thereafter, the participants were facilitated with ways to control and manage anger through elaborate discussions and brainstorming sessions. Furthermore, the participants were made to do various role plays which were based upon different themes provided to them, so as to understand how to respond or react to different crucial or problem situations.



Fourth Day was completely focused upon understanding the various life skills and their importance in life to have a balanced life and be success oriented. Participants were given different simulative situations where they had to express their individual ways to respond so as to have a deeper understanding of the need and role of various life skills in different circumstances. Participants were also instilled with stronger self realization for the need to overcome their weaknesses and boost their strengths by developing life skills.



Fifth Day was to develop positive thoughts and ideas by promoting creative and critical thought process for which the participants were involved in various energizing and engaging activities so as to instigate new ideas and ideologies. As a part of this session, the participants were also made to understand the various mindsets and different types of natural intelligence and ways to instill creative intelligence.



On the sixth day, the participants were enabled with very important skills of goal orientation and managing time. The participants were made to complete different time bound tasks individually and in groups to understand the importance of time and being focused towards their goal.  As a part of this session, the participants were also sensitized with the adverse impact of being distracted and loosing valuable time.



On the seventh day, i.e. the last day of this workshop, the participants were instilled with the importance and need of the girls to be educated and most importantly for both the genders to progress collectively. As a part of this session, to further evoke sense of responsibility amongst the participants, they were emphasized upon the dire need to stay away from addictions in life.



At the end of the seventh day, the participants were made to fill a questionnaire, so as to evaluate their complete 7-days of learning. Finally, the workshop was concluded with a formal closing ceremony, wherein the participants were rewarded with a participation certificate and were also acknowledged in front of their parents.



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