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In alignment to the main theme of this complete workshop, which was to instill creativity in teaching, a customized and need based program was designed for the teachers. Along with introducing to the teachers various creative ways of teaching, the program was compiled in a way to cater to the specific needs of the individual teachers along with filling of existing gaps.

For which the initial 2 classes were designed in a way to let each teacher express, share and demonstrate their specific subject specialization along with their individual style of teaching. Simultaneously the teachers were reminded of their favorite teacher, who inspired them the most during their student years. This exercise was further correlated with the fact that how come the most memorable teacher was actually the most resourceful and inventive in his or her own ways.

Thereafter the teachers were introduced with the different teaching styles and made to understand the importance of each style as per the need of the student, subject or more specifically the topic of the subject. The teachers were also made to understand the impact of each teaching style in enhancement of cognitive ability and emotional intelligence of students.

After elaboration of different teaching styles, different types of learners were elaborated, who are differentiated on the basis of their individual natural intelligence. To support this fact of natural intelligence, the teachers were made to understand the concept of multiple intelligence.

To let the teachers have a deeper understanding of the various concepts explained to them and further let teachers collaborate it with their own knowledge, they were given simulative situations to practice mind mapping and create a quality circle. As a final outcome of the same, the teachers presented their collaborative ideas in form of flowcharts, pictorial presentation and even role plays.

Further the teachers were enabled with the various ways to add shape to the classroom, as a very crucial part of creative classroom management. The various changes or areas of improvement to create an awesome learning environment was worked out as per the needs realized and emphasized by the teachers themselves according to the need of their students

The teachers were primarily emphasized upon the need to practice experiential learning so as to develop maximum creative intelligence. In continuation to the same, the teachers were also elaborated different ways to design and apply creative exercises.

Finally the teachers were inspired and  guided with the ways to instill social creativity, so as to put in extra efforts desired for unleashing the real potential of the students and for their holistic development. To invoke effective implementation of the same and further enable the teachers with the skills of counselling and mentoring, the teachers were elaborated with the qualities of good counselor.

Apart from the above in the times to come, we would like to make such sessions a regular practice and put in more efforts in collaboration to enhance upon their teaching effectiveness by updating them with what is recent trends in teaching and education. Would also enable and keep the teachers inspired to be great mentors and effective role models to their students.

In the times to come,  to witness and realize the real effectiveness of all these faculty development programs, special collective sessions for the students and teachers will be planned and executed.



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