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Most people try to prevent any gaps in their behavior and beliefs. So if they can’t change their behavior, they sacrifice their beliefs.

Hence, even if you are a school student, an ambitious youngster, an experienced professional, a house maker or a retired citizen. Regardless of your age, role and objectives in life; here is a take away to practice which is indeed going to help you in all walks.

We here wish to disclose the learnings from a session conducted by our team for Secretariat Officials of Central Tibetan Public Administration. They bring forth remarkable learning for the people from across the borders.

Herein lies the attraction, they ‘practice what they preach’. The major value of the ‘preaching’ being compassionate for all living beings. They have been successful to strengthen their relationships in professional and personal lives.

The key Life Skills they practice and preach are –

* Renunciation

* Patience, Tolerance, Forbearance, Acceptance, Endurance

* Truthfulness, Honesty

* Determination, Resolution

* Loving-kindness

* Equanimity, Serenity

* Meditation

* Generosity, giving of oneself

* Virtue, Morality, Discipline, Proper conduct

* One-pointed concentration, wisdom, insight

Through these skills, they have been able to accomplish how to –
* Deal with conflicts, authorities, stress, emotions, cultural and religious disharmony
* Develop cross-cultural relations and friendships across societies and countries
* Resist pressure, clarification of values and customs and negotiations
* Cope with disappointment
* Social adapt and respect
* Attain self-esteem, tolerance, trust, sharing and compassion
* Plan ahead, to be assertive and empathetic

In all, it was a great take away for us as well.


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