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Canara Bank, Circle Office Sector 34, in association with “The Transformers Value Creators, the No. 1 Life Skills training organization, celebrated Woman’s Day on the International UN Theme of 2015, “Empowering Women, Empowering Humanity: Picture it!” to remark the importance of their female employees writing destiny of modern India.


In the half day’s event, a well designed programme was conducted by Ms. Manjula along with team members in the form of motivational videos, ppt’s and many fun oriented, moral based activities.


In her presentation, Ms. Manjula demonstrated that how by acting smartly, prioritizing and by using technology both at home and in office, a woman can maintain a healthy & harmonious work life balance. She also mentioned that women is playing role of daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother and is also acting as the bread earner and facilitator for the whole family. In the present times, focus should be more on the Strength and Opportunities of being a Woman. The presentation also focused upon overcoming Limitations and Facing Threats with determination.


Manjula emphasized in her programme that “an empowered woman’s active role in society has not only upgraded her own life style but has also helped in the upliftment of her family, society, Indian economy and also the overall humanity.  Outsourcing of many of the household jobs by some of the working women, new job opportunities have been further created for many others. Today there is not a single sphere of life left, where a women have not marked her auspicious presence, may it be Sports, Academics, Arts, Research or Politics.


The safety and security of a woman cannot be compromised at any cost.” The safety aspect was further emphasized and was revealed by enacting real life situations in which female employees participated with great zeal and enthusiasm.


The presentation, theme based activities and heart touching videos was admired and appreciated by all.


The session ended with thanks note to the speaker and with a request that such type of sessions should be conducted more frequently to keep the morale high of employees.



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