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To live to the challenge of globalization which is in line with the era of information economy, the strength of a nation is strongly dependent on the ability of its citizen to be highly intellectual and skillful. Thus, institution of higher learning plays a very important role to produce a human capital that is highly knowledgeable and skillful to meet the demand and expectations of many people. The teaching and learning processes in institutions of higher learning should be capable to provide such knowledge and skills to future graduates.


Teachers play a pivotal role in developing the future generations. Therefore they have to be properly guided to enhance their competencies.

Teacher’s Education includes :

Teaching Skills which would entail giving practice and training in various approaches, strategies and techniques that would assist the teachers to impart and plan instruction, give suitable reinforcement and carry out effective and efficient assessment. It encompasses effective skills for managing the class, use and preparation of instruction materials and skills.


Pedagogical Theory encompasses the sociological, psychological and philosophical aspect that would allow the teachers to possess a strong basis for practicing the skills needed to teach in the classroom.


Professional skills encompass the strategies, Approaches and techniques that would assist teachers to develop their career and career growth. It encompasses counseling skills, soft skills, computer skills, information retrieving & management skills, interpersonal skills and life-long learning skills.


Combination of pedagogical theory, teaching skills and professional skills would serve to develop the right attitude, skills and knowledge in teachers to promote holistic development. Thus, effectiveness and importance of teacher training programs is to elevate and improve teacher’s professional abilities in teaching.




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