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Some specific areas of soft skills and why they are important for teachers besides being able to teach the students well as discussed below-

Communication Skills:It is important that the teachers become assertive and are able to exchange feedback with all the different guardians and parents of the students. It is also important that the teachers consult with previous teachers of the students to find out the learning’ needs of individual students and how to help them make progress.

 Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills:Teachers must be able to deal with unwanted problems that are not related to classrooms but can affect the learning outcome of the students. The ability to identify and analyze problems in difficult situation and to make justifiable is a skill which can come handy.

Cultural Intelligence:When it comes to teaching at schools using the curricula of different cultures and societies it is important that they can help the learners understand the subject matter in their local context. Moreover, the student groups may represent pupils from different socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds, who can understand the lessons better if they are taught by educators having cultural intelligence.

Team Work:There are lots of competitions in many countries’ education system in terms of the exams of the students where the students go through tough competitions. It is important that the teachers teach the students to build teams and solve problems collaboratively. If they are good team-players then they can induce the same type of skills and attitude among the learners. Furthermore, if the teachers and the parents/guardians can practice a good team-work then the child’s creative potential and the academic performance will foster.

Social Media and Networking:Long gone are the times when we used to wonder which version of Microsoft Excel would be better to analyze the results of the learners. It is now the time to find out how computers and smart phones (and hence social media) can help us to connect with other educators and compare our teaching practices to help us perform better in the classroom.


 How do these skills help teachers?

  1. Helps them make their classes more interesting
  2. To serve as an example for the students
  3. To interact with students at their own level
  4. Enables them to be good leaders
  5. Makes them much more approachable
  6. Allows them to be sensitive to the needs of the children



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