The Transformers Value Creators, 

here announces a special faculty development workshop 

“Promoting Professionalism Amongst Faculty”


Make the maximum of this special offer extended by joining in hands with “The Transformers- Value Creators”, the Number 1 Life Skills Training Organization in Tricity, to Inspire and Develop your Faculty and provide them with a training opportunity to achieve maximum effectiveness which would further enhance their individual performance, growth of the students and will be beneficial for the institute as a whole.


This workshop will be conducted by the Lead Trainer with The Transformers Value Creators, Ms. Manjula, a well renowned Life Skills Coach and a Certified Training Professional, having vast experience of training and counseling more than 10 thousand individuals varying from Toddlers to Professionals.



Taking into consideration the needs of the present day faculty members and the concerned institute, the prime objectives of this workshop will be to:


  1. Promote Work place Etiquette and Professional Grooming Skills.


  1. Enhance behavioral aspects:
  2.       a) To promote mutual relations amongst faculty and reduce the existing generational gapamongst the Generation X and Y faculty.
  3.       b) Help the young or the newly inducted teachers maintain appropriate distance while retaining desirable teacher student relations.


  1. Develop Leadership and Management skills.


  1. Promote Self Motivation to:
  2.      a) Enhance willingness for work and take up initiatives.
  3.     b) Opt for new methods of learning and teaching to cater to the needs of the 21stcentury students.



  1. Ensure improvement in faculty performance and respond rapidly to changes within the institute, the present education system and particularly to the needs of the students today.
  1. Ensure that the best use is made of the natural abilities and individual skills of all faculty members.


Our Training Methodology:

Each session will specially designed to impart a particular skill and will involve all or some of the following techniques:


1)     Interactive Classrooms

2)    Brainstorming Sessions

3)    Audio and Visual activities such as Presentation, Inspirational Videos,     

        Art, Music, Dance, etc.

4)   Group Activities such as

  1.    a)Mind Games
  2.    b)Simulation Exercises
  3.    c)  Exercises to develop Team Spirit, Leadership, Time Management.
  4.    d)Case Studies & Story Telling
  5.    e)  Debates & Role Plays


 Pacing up with the needs of this ever changing world let’s together Uplift Our

Faculty, who are not just the Teachers but the Managers of the World’s

Greatest Resource !!




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