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In the modern times of today, for the better upbringing of Children and to have a comfortable lifestyle, both parents working is a common scenario. With the most of the nuclear families prevalent today, mostly the kids are alone at home, surrounded by various kind of threats. Under such circumstances, its really hard to decide upon who is trustworthy and who is not. Also need not to mention that most of the times, its our own people involved in doing wrong or damaging the most vulnerable i.e. our children.

The Transformers

The Transformers

Situations are so bad that the toddlers or the young children do not even get to understand or realize that their very own relatives or known ones, who pretend to love them the most, can prove to be the most harmful. With such devils as a part of our society, for whom these innocent children are just nothing more than sex toys, then why is that, topics like gender sensitization, adolescent problems and sex education, still not very openly discussed and talked about by the parents with their children or are till date preferred not to be imparted awareness even in schools?


One of the reasons for this inhibition may be our orthodox views for which we keep waiting for the right age of our children, when they will be able to understand well and even we as Parents or Teachers would also not have to stretch much beyond our comfort zone in explaining it to them.


But then what needs to be realized utmost is that a criminal mind would never wait for your right time.  Hence till the time almost every child even in their initial formative years is made aware of “Good Touch” & “Bad Touch” and the difference between the two, such criminals may keep exploiting our innocent children.

dscn2696Under such critical times, “The Transformers Value Creators”, the No. 1 Life Skills Training Organisation of  the Tricity, as a part of their social responsibility, has taken up an awareness drive against to promote Children Safety with the prime objectives to impart awareness on:


  1. Difference between Sex and Gender and related Guidance
  2. Respect & recognition for both the genders.
  3. Awareness against child abuse.
  4. Difference between a good touch & bad touch.
  5. Necessary preventive measures to avoid child abuse.
  6. Understanding and addressing of various problems related to Adolescents.

dscn2744With the prime objective to create a more sensitive and safe society for our future generations, i.e. our children, very interactive and participative sessions are being conducted across the various schools in the tricity along with in the interiors of Punjab and Haryana. Separate sessions are designed and executed as per the age and level of understanding of the students, which are further backed up with various animated videos, real life stories and colorful presentations.




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