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On this 6th May’16, a special workshop was conducted for the students from classes 8th to 10th on  “Self Discipline, Classroom Etiquette and Effective Public Speaking” which was facilitated by a nationally renowned life skills training organization, The Transformers Value Creators.


The primary impetus of the training was to generate the tremendous will power amongst the students so as to induce self control and self discipline.  Classroom etiquettes were also inculcated amongst the students by involving them in different role plays, sensitizing through videos and engaging them in various activities, in which students participated wholeheartedly and most enthusiastically.



Physical and mental involvement of the students enhanced their receptivity and was able to grasp the hidden message behind every task assigned to them earnestly. The sole purpose was in accrediting them with basic moral values and etiquettes along with developing of moral values like caring, loving, respecting and honest attitude.


The students were sensitized to avoid unethical means which leads them to nowhere, further instilling a responsible attitude towards themselves, parents, teachers, friends and the school. Thus, the prime emphasis was to develop them into a responsible student and a good human being.


Apart from this, this training session also laid emphasis upon developing of effective public speaking skills amongst students as one of the most important competency, which helps them to be more expressive.


The session was purposely designed to give them a public platform to express their ideas, thoughts, feelings and viewpoints publicly to boost up their confidence level which was an indirect approach to motivate and encourage students to express in front of their schoolmates and teachers.


Students shared their feeling actively, freely and confessed publicly, which instigated a hope that they themselves wanted to improve upon their shortcomings and want to lead a disciplined life. The enthusiastic response from the students and the spark for change in their eyes in the end of the training session was a firm confirmation that the objective of training program was well accomplished.


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