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Realizing the need of Today & to pace up with 

The Present Competitive Times ,

The Transformers Value Creators here announces 

Customized Soft Skills Training Program for

Public Sector Banking Employees !!


In this Modern Era of Globalization, where almost everything is changing at a fast pace, under such circumstances Public Sector Banks (PSBs) in India are also facing a number of challenges in retaining and expanding their customer base. To enhance these desirable skills in the banking staff at different levels, PSBs have started focusing on developing soft skills and trust-building skills amongst their employees so as to further develop team bonding between officers, clerical staff and sub-staff and promote maximum customer retention.



In continuation to the same a dire need is felt to promote & develop the following skills amongst almost all Public Sector Banking Employees:

1)      Effective organizational communication.

2)      Effective business correspondence and develop result oriented work reports.

3)      Work Ethics & Inculcate Corporate Etiquette.

4)      Leadership, Team Spirit & Interpersonal skills.



5)      Healthy and Conducive work environment.

6)      Inter-Generational Gap Management

7)      Personal Grooming & Personality Development.

8)      Self confident individuals willing to take up multitasking and be SMART workers.


Taking into consideration the various needs and the objectives indentified, for developing soft skills amongst the employees of the PSB’s the Transformers Value Creators (The No 1 Life Skills Training Organisation in Tricity), has taken up this Special Drive of Promoting Soft Skills amongst Public Sector Banking Employees.


To make the training environment conducive and result into an effective training program, the following aids will be used to create the most optimal learning situations:

  1. Interactive classrooms
  2. Sensitivity training
  3. Brainstorming sessions
  4. Audio and visual activities such as presentation, inspirational videos, art, music, dance, etc. 
  5. Group Activities such a 

             a)Mind games

            b)Group discussion

            c)Simulation exercises

           d)Exercises to develop team spirit, leadership, time management

           e)Case studies and story telling

           f)Debates and role plays



The content of the program will be made stimulating enough to leave an impact along with sufficient time and opportunity for reflection. The content will be customized to make it effective and further correlate with one’s specific work requirements, area of responsibility, performance upgradation, etc by using real life work situations. The content will also be made interesting and motivating so as keep up the desire and willingness for learning.


 If you are into banking sector and wish to upgrade you self performance or the performance of your

employees or all together of your bank then worry not for we have the most optimal training solutions to

improvise upon Skills Enhancement and Performance Management!!





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