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The Entrepreneurs’ B.A.S.H (Business Associates Social Hour) was organized on 9th June, 2017 with the aim to bring together professionals from various fields & help them interconnect better in these times of innovative startups & strengthening the existing entrepreneurs.
The participants were from the most elite & diverse background as distinguished officials, founders and members of flourishing startups inclusive of Top Government Officials, CEO’s & Directors of Private Companies, Bank Professionals, IT Experts & Senior Educators.

The day was blossomed in the spirit of highly interactive & vibrant activities corresponding to the social needs of the day. It was an informal get together catering to make every connection matter by networking with executives of diversified experience.

They were involved in different simulative activities so as to provoke maximum self introspection, help them connect with each other on the level of critical and logical thinking, communicate their views and break through the barriers of inhibition by reaching out to others & accepting the diversity.

The key concepts undertaken focused upon-

* The crucial need to construct the network leaving behind the image of a public authority big or small, but as individuals with their personal attributes & human thoughts to build an ecosystem insinuating growth & development of all.

* The participants were put into situations where they were to work as team players & learned that even ordinary tasks need optimal strategizing for best results. Leading to the importance of collective good outweighing the individual success and most necessarily even competitors can and should collaborate for greater impact.

* Being an entrepreneur, the greatest challenge is the felt compulsive competitiveness of must win situations, which honestly digress us from the path of greater goal i.e. our visions.

The session was concluded with the whole hearted positive response & appreciation by the participants. They showed their very much interest & wanted such kind of events to be conducted again in future.
Some of the reviews & feedbacks by the worthy participants-

 Harsimran Kaur “It was a wonderful event and I feel blessed to be a part of the same… thanks to everyone for making learning together so amazing.” 

 Hitesh Kumar Gulati “Congratulations to all the members of “The Transformers- Value Creators” team! Your team efforts of organizing “The Entrepreneurs’ B.A.S.H (Business Associates Social Hour)” shows the true meaning of coordination, cooperation and deserves heart full of appreciations.”

  Arun Agarwal “The team of “The Transformers – Value Creators”, your event was just too good n you did bring about the transformation and value creation in all of us. Thanks to you all n wish you the very best.”

 Anupam Gakhar “The benefit of being there was all mine. Enjoyed both the session and the warm hospitality. Thanks a lot.”

This is a new beginning to foster the importance of networking & promoting positive environment where entrepreneurs come forward to share, invest & connect with each other breaking through the inhibitions of fear & mistrust amongst them.



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