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Over the years in this journey of Personal Transformation, I have been really fortunate to have worked with all ages varying from toddlers to retired professionals. But then somehow many a times, people misinterpret that someone who works with children might be not that well versed to dealt with the mature minds and on the same if you are working with professionals then you might be too sophisticated or complicated to blend with the innocent hearts.

While personally my experience has been very different. For when I work with the children, I am able to have deeper understanding and realization of how much we seniors or mature people, need to be unbiased and more rationale in our approach. Based upon this most crucial learning from children, I plan my sessions for the senior people and eventually help them to be more reasonable and prejudice free in their thoughts and actions.


It’s with the children that I get to restore my spirits, re energize my strength and most importantly replenish my flexible approach towards people, ideas and situations. Working with children makes me more versatile and dynamic in my approach to my work, my connect, my interaction and my collaboration with my senior participants.



I am able to share and explain the children and the youth, the expectations of their well-wishers inclusive of parents, teachers and guardians. By getting to share realistic episodes, I have much more opportunity to inculcate a stronger sense of responsibility amongst the younger ones and simultaneously channelize their energies in a well guided way.



On the same, when I get to work with the seniors I understand and visualize the gaps which we senior people develop over a certain age and become more stern and stringent and that too primarily due to our stereotypical thoughts and orthodox values. Hence without wasting any time I start working in this direction of making the young minds more progressive and prejudice free.




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