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To strengthen our economy, India needs more emerging businesses in every sector and potential entrepreneurs too to run these businesses successfully, in lieu of which, there is an urgency to establish new small and medium scale businesses in every small town and village which cannot be possible without the active participation of women power.


As per the census, women in India constitute nearly 50% of its population and out of this 50 %, considerable percentage of women are working in the employment sector to earn their livelihood and simultaneously contributing in the economic growth but when we particularly talk about the women entrepreneurs; they only constitute 10 % of the total number of entrepreneurs in our country. 


Looking at this huge disparity between the percentage of male and female entrepreneurs, undeniably, Entrepreneurship amongst Women has become a matter of concern. Particularly, in the rural areas, where the development of women entrepreneurship is very low. 


Thus to narrow this gap,Women Entrepreneurship development has to be taken on a serious note for human resource development in our country.


To cater to this , Government must plan new strategies to aim economic development and take up the liability of raising potential women as successful entrepreneurs by paying heed to their inhibitions along with acknowledging and further assisting to the problems faced by them during establishing, organizing and running the new set ups.


Simultaneously, to boost rural women to set up their own businesses, Government must organize self awareness programmes and various Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (EDPs) to cater to their needs, who may not have adequate educational background and skills.


Along with providing sufficient information & assistance, interested women should be facilitated with direct & indirect financial support, timely technological training and assistance for collaboration with renowned Federations and Associations to support their existence in the market.8

In this direction of uplifting Women Entrepreneurship, “The Transformers Value Creators” a Nationally Renowned Knowledge Enterprise, is a life exampleof a Professional Associationof Women and lead by a Woman. The Transformers has also been extending its support to promote women entrepreneurship by providing assistance in context to the availability of necessary information through various awareness programs for women, contributing in the enhancement of these women in terms of their self confidence, self esteem, communication along with various other entrepreneurial skills of Money Management, Convincing Power, Negotiation Skills, Presentation Skills, etc. The Transformers has also facilitated many women in establishing their own income generating ventures by facilitating them with financial support through various nationalised banks.9

We wish to join hands with the government to work more in this direction as this initiative would certainly broaden the women’s horizon and in result, they would be no more limited to job seekers rather grow out as efficient Job Providers, further contributing to the progress and development of the nation.


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